Zany Marx brothers humor followed by a conversation with Groucho’s grandson, Steve Marx.


Did you remember to Marx your calendar for March 11th and join REPS for an afternoon of zany Marx Brothers humor followed by a special visit with Steve Marx (Groucho’s grandson)?

You can hear the interview below.

We opened the program with a performance of Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel courtesy of BBC Radio 4.   In 1990 BBC Radio 4 adapted the 1932 American radio show , first broadcast by NBC , for listeners in the U.K.  The original series starred two of the Marx Brothers, Groucho and Chico, and depicted the misadventures of attorney, Waldorf T. Flywheel (Groucho) and his assistant Emmanuel Ravelli (Chico).  You can read more about the original 1932 series here.  

In this writer’s opinion, the 1990 BBC radio adaption captured the original zaniness and smacked listeners with nothing but fun.  The eighteen episodes in the BBC radio series were produced with a touch of quality and may very well have been the first introduction of Marx brothers humor to younger listeners.    We trust that many became hooked and afterwards went in search of  Marx Brothers movies.     The first episode of the BBC series was titled The Stolen Rembrandt and the action centers on Flywheel and Ravelli being hired to guard a priceless painting  and then later having to investigate when the painting is discovered to have been stolen.   Marx fans will recognize that many comedic moments in the episode are borrowed from the movie Animal Crackers.

Larry Albert as Groucho Marx (aka Waldorf T. Flywheel)
Tom Stewart as Chico Marx (aka Emmanuel Ravelli)
Special Appearance by Taryn Darr as Miss Dimple
Monica Chilton as Mrs Thorndyke
David Persson as Meadows
Live Sound Effects by Frank Rosin
Technical Support by Jim Dolan

Join us for 30 minutes of zany Marx brothers humor in this episode of Flywheel Shyster Flywheel titled The Stolen Rembrandt.
Audio may take a few moments to play


A Conversation with Steven Marx

60 minute Audio –  may take a few moments to play

Following the performance, we were joined by Steve Marx (Groucho’s grandson) who shared his personal memories of growing up in the family of the legendary comedian.