When Karl Frunz first unveiled his idea for a “Super Saturday” program exploring the origins and media debut of four iconic superheroes, we knew immediately that the making of a special program was being created.  Karl, you see, is a great presenter and everyone listening knew that the stories he would  feature would be both intriguing and entertaining.  However, Karl was not finished conveying his idea and he went on to clarify  “I don’t envision a two hour lecture” he said “but rather two  hours of nostalgic entertainment book-ended by stories of how the featured super hero first vaulted from a pulp fiction publication and onto the radio airwaves and the cinema screen.”   The basic program ,as Karl conceived it,  would be along the lines of a Saturday Matinee (like those of  by gone days) featuring a chapter from a classic movie serial and most certainly live performances of programs from 1940’s radio. As the program developed, four superheroes were selected to be featured –  The Green Hornet, The Blue Beetle, Superman and Batman.   As Karl focused on compiling interesting tidbits about each of the heroes, he turned to Roger Kim to produce two live radio performances as part of the day’s attraction.   Roger selected the programs but scripts of the original radio shows could not be obtained.  To proceed, someone would need to transcribe scripts from the original recordings.  This was ultimately done by Roger himself and dependable volunteer , Randy Clawson.  Once the transcribing was completed and with scripts in hand, Roger then proceeded to assemble the actors, a sound effects team, and  a keyboardist to play the musical bridges (an essential part of radio adventure serials).   The preparations and planning continue with the rehearsals scheduled.  This crack team of radio enthusiasts have just a few weeks until the big day when they step before the live microphones on the REPS sound stage as two pulp heroes will once again vault from their publications and on to the radio airwaves as REPS presents The Blue Beetle and the Adventures of Superman!

The Blue Beetle was a 1940 series on CBS Radio and based on the popular DC Comics character.   Between May 15 and September 13, 1940, Blue Beetle aired.  Just as in the comics, Blue Beetle was a young police officer who saw the need for extraordinary crime fighting. He took the task on himself by secretly donning a superhero costume to create fear in criminals.   The 13-minute segments were usually told in two-part episodes.   On September 9th, Roger and his team will present part one and part two of a selected story so that those in the audience can experience the adventure  from start to finish.

The Adventures of Superman had a long life as a popular radio serial  originally airing from 1940 to 1951.

Up in the sky! Look!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s Superman!

Professional stage and voice actors will lend their talents to  to bring the magic of radio back to the Pacific Northwest.  Featured in the cast will be Dean Moody, Nick Wrycha, Bryan Hendrickson, David Persson, Randy Clawson, and Elly Muller.



A Super good time! Through Film, Animation and Live radio Theater (featuring Live Sound Effects  and music )  an adventure awaits you as you experience how superheroes first vaulted from their pulp fiction publications and onto radio airwaves and the cinema screen.

Historian, Karl Frunz will explore the origins and media debut of TheGreen Hornet, The Blue Beetle, Superman and Batman.

Featured Attractions:

  • First Chapter of an Exciting  Green Hornet Movie Serial
    Newspaper publisher Britt Reid, secretly The Green Hornet, and his Korean valet Kato investigate and expose several seemingly separate rackets. This leads them into continued conflict with the Chief, the criminal mastermind behind the Syndicate and the individual crimes.
  • Live Radio Performance of a thrilling Blue Beetle adventure
  • Vintage Superman Cartoon adventure
    The Fleischer Superman cartoons are a series of animated short films released in Technicolor by Paramount Pictures in 1941 and making them his first animated appearance.
  • Live Radio Performance of the Radio Adventures of Superman featuring an appearance by Batman

Saturday, Sept 9th 2-4 pm
5515 Phinney Ave N Seattle
St. John United Lutheran Church