REPS produces many performances each year in the style and tradition of vintage radio theater for the enjoyment of  audiences at REPS  programs along with productions designed for other venues.  These productions feature talented individuals who step before the microphone and bring radio drama alive. Have you ever wanted to play a part in your favorite radio show?  Do you have aspirations to play The Shadow, or recreate the War of The Worlds, Suspense or The Whistler? Or perhaps your interest is more along the lines of Our Miss Brooks, The Great Gildersleeve or another all time great comedy show.
old time radio comedy suspense mysteryIf this sounds exciting to you, you may consider hooking up with the REPS Radio Artists.  The Radio Artists are organized to produce live radio performances for REPS audiences and also for other venues as part of the  REPS Outreach Program.  Combined with music and sound effects, these live performances have been a treat at REPS for many years.
Programs, performed at community venues, have been well received and introduce old time radio and REPS to the general public.  REPS produces a weekly program of old time radio shows on the Radio Theater Channel  called REPS Presents.  On occasion the old time radio offerings will be preempted to allow for the airing of a REPS production. This is always a thrill for everyone involved.
If you have interest in radio acting and sound effects you will have a great time with the REPS Radio Artists.   All are welcome. The Artists are comprised of individuals with varying levels of experience and are organized into three separate production groups ( The Blue, The Red and the Gold ). This approach provides more opportunities for participation and allows for REPS to better serve different types of requests and venues.    The three groups are described below.


The BLUE NETWORK is open to REPS Members who are interested in participating in live performances in the style and tradition of vintage radio theater.  Blue Network Artists are not required to be professional actors and participants come from all walks of life primarily for the fun of participating.  Regardless of skill all are encouraged to participate. Currently the Blue Network is scheduled to perform twice a year for the REPS audience at the St. John United Lutheran Church.

There are other performance opportunities as well, as  occasionally, The Blue Network will perform for small community events or retirement communities.

Of the Three Radio Artists groups, The Blue Network is the only one that meets regularly outside of rehearsals to read scripts which they propose for performance .  In general,  the group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 PM. However, dates and times are subject to change so always be certain to check the calendar to receive the most up to date information.


THE RED NETWORK is the main group of Artists utilized for most REPS productions and consists of seasoned stage performers.  The Red network Artists will generally perform quite a  few times a year at highly promoted REPS events and occasionally at larger events in the community. Directors of each production are the ones who select the cast based on Artist availability and also suitability for the role in question.   Red Network Artists are not required to be REPS Members, however, Red Network Artists who are members may receive  preference from the Directors when casting.

Some Red network Artists (who are interested and available)  may also on occasion be asked to lead the Blue Network in an upcoming production.    It should also be noted that there will also be opportunities for individuals in the Blue Network to participate  with the Red Network team.  We like to encourage plenty of crossover when the situation permits.


THE GOLD NETWORK  is not really a separate group of Artists but is the designation given to performers who worked primarily in the Golden Age of Radio but can also include performers who have experience in TV and Stage who generally have an IMDb page, or  are a longtime member of the SAG-AFTRA unions.

Gold performers are the special marquee or featured performers who appear in main-stage performances at REPS Showcase and who may also appear on occasion as special guests at highly promoted and unique REPS events.

  • Appearing most often at REPS SHOWCASE
  • May also be one of the featured performers headlining a Red Network production.


February 10, 2018

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