REPS Presents brings  you another week of programs celebrating the Golden Age of Radio hosted today by Jenn Ollivier and Bryan Hendrickson.   This week it’s a radio thriller followed by the comedy antics centered around April Fool’s Day.  The next 60 minutes will be sure to entertain.

First up it’s The Mysterious Traveler from December 11, 1951

We follow  the course of a strange friendship to it’s startling end in a story titled Hideout.  It’s a  friendship that evolves between gangster Big Ed Jansky  and a young street lad named Maxie.  It’s  friendship that even murder could not destroy.


The Aldrich Family  from April 1 , 1948

Agnes plays April Fool’s jokes on Henry and Homer, and they try to get back at her by spreading a rumor that she won a lot of money in a contest, and the whole thing gets out of control when everyone believes Agnes actually did win.


To finish off this spectacular week, John and Larry Gassman present an interview with Jon Provost.  Provost is best known for the seven years he starred on TVs Lassie playing the young  Timmy.

Jon Provost will be appearing at the REPS SHOWCASE this coming April 21-22-23 in Bellevue, Washington.




REPS Presents returns for another broadcast celebrating the Golden Age of Radio.  This week we remember  a unique comedy legend – – the one and only Groucho!

First up it’s The Marx Bros Show from 1935

We start off the program with a rarely heard un-aired audition episode Of the Marx Brother Show from 1935. Groucho and Chico pose as Hollywood agents.  Some pundits speculate that this show was a poke at Zeppo’s new career.

It’s so much fun!

Birdseye Open House from April 19 , 1945

For the second part of REPS Presents features the Birdseye Frosted Foods program Birdseye Open House with Ginny Sims. In this broadcast we find Ginny Sims pinch-hitting for Dinah Shore who was the star of the program.   Ginny Sims welcome’s Groucho Marx as the weekly guest star.   Robert Emmett Dolan and his Orchestra and Joe Lilly and his chorus. Ginny Sims opens the show singing Begin the Beguine.


Recently we had the pleasure to speak for a few short moments  with screen legend Margaret O’Brien. We will finish off this weeks program by sharing this brief but enjoyable interview.

Margaret O’Brien will be appearing at the REPS SHOWCASE this coming April 21-22 in Bellevue, Washington.


Another week with Gunsmoke and The Great Gildersleeve



Jenn Ollivier and co -host Bryan Hendrickson are back again for another week as hosts of  REPS’ weekly salute to the Golden Age of Radio.

This week by popular demand it’s another adventure in the old west with Gunsmoke followed by The Great Gildersleeve.   You will not want to miss these fantastic programs from Radio’s Golden Age.

In addition to our two featured radio attractions, REPS correspondents, John and Larry Gassman,  will interview Beverly Washburn.  Beverly appeared on The Jack Benny radio show as well as hundreds of TV shows.  She toured with Benny as one of the Smithers Sisters even appearing with Benny on the Hollywood Palace.

First up it’s Gunsmoke from January 1st, 1956

On a cold winter night, Matt and Chester ride the range, and encounter an old gent who has been stranded, and threatens Matt. Until he discovers who the lawman is — Old man Pucket — who is in need of a doctor to tend his frostbite, but still threatens to kill the man who stranded him.

Doc has the old buffalo hunter fixed up, and offers some insight for Matt as to Pucket’s way of thinking. Time goes by, Pucket heals up, but his buffalo hunting days are over. Has he forgotten his promise to get the man who stranded him?


Gildersleeve’s New Year from December 30th , 1945

It’s New Years Eve and Gildy needs to find a date for the evening but everyone already seems to have plans so Gildy just might have to spend the night in.

  Interview with Beverly Washburn.

REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  January 28th, 2017


Gunsmoke, The Great Gildersleeve

Jenn Ollivier and co -host Bryan Hendrickson host REPS’ weekly salute to the Golden Age of Radio.  This week it’s adventure in the old west followed by radio’s laugh champ himself.   You will not want to miss these fantastic programs from Radio’s Golden Age.

In addition, following our two featured attractions, REPS correspondent, Larry Gassman,  will interview Gloria McMillan. Gloria appeared on hundreds of radio shows but is probably best known as Harriett Conklin on the radio and TV series Our Miss Brooks. Gloria is joined by her husband Ron Cocking,

First up it’s Gunsmoke from March 4th, 1956

An old buffalo hunter named Murdock is in the Long Branch Salloon, causing trouble for Matt. The old guy isn’t afraid of anybody, and ignores Matt’s warnings to keep away from the Indians, and to keep from stirring up trouble with them.  Can Matt prevent Murdock from hunting the last of the buffalo to oblivion? Murdock seems to think the day of the Indian is over, but maybe his day has passed as well.  Caught in an ambush, Matt has to use strategy to overcome the hunter who respects nothing but his own brand of law. As Matt runs into the hail of bullets, he gets an unexpected defender.

Gildersleeve’s Secret Engagement from November 3rd, 1948

It’s a secret engagement . . . or is it?  Everyone seems to be finding out about it!  Exactly what is Gildy’s motive behind the scheme to become engaged to Adeline and further will Gildy actually go through with it or will he get cold feet? What happens when the big moments comes?  Find out in this hilarious broadcast.

REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  January 21st, 2017



Bing Crosby Show, Damon Runyon Theater

This program is dedicated to those reveler’s who have yet to take down their Christmas lights as we present the last Christmas themed REPS Presents program of the season.  So listen in , listen twice if need be, while you get on the ladder and remove the last vestige of this past Christmas Holiday.

Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show from Dec 20th, 1950

But boy oh boy do we have a fabulous show for you today.  It’s one of the best of Bing’s Christmas themed broadcasts.   A fun Christmas show ensues as Santa Bing comes down the chimney and his four sons are waiting. Enjoy lots of fun in the next thirty minutes listening with Bing’s guests,  his wife Dixie Lee Crosby,  and his four sons Gary, Dennis, Philip and Lindsay Crosby. Bing opens the show singing Oh come All Ye Faithful in Latin.

Damon Runyon Theater from  March 13th, 1949

Dancing Dan’s Christmas is the name of this episode of the Damon Runyon Theater.  Interestingly enough it was first broadcast in March of 1949 although it has a Christmas theme.  We’re presenting it here to close out this year’s holiday ( we held on as long as we could ).  In this episode we learn that Broadway’s friend , Dancing Dan,  has been dancing with the wrong girl who is already spoken for by a powerful gangster.  Shotgun Sam goes gunning for Dancing Dan on Christmas Eve and Broadway tries to help. Will this one end out well?  You’ll have to tune in to find out.

And for one last time this season . . . Happy Holidays!

This REPS Presents was first Broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on January, 14th, 2017.



It’s a Wonderful Life (from December 3rd, 2016)


The very best wishes of the holiday season to all of you from every-one us at the Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound.   We invite you to share your joy with ours as we celebrate this holiday season.  In that joyous spirit we will bring you direct from the REPS radio soundstage —   our holiday presentation of It’s a Wonderful Life!

This adaption of Frank Capra’s classic film is inspired from the original NBC and CBS radio broadcasts which delighted millions of listeners when heard coast to coast during the Golden Age of Radio.

Performed at the REPS Holiday Party, December 3rd, 2016.


A very sincere thank you to the talented individuals without whom this program would not be possible:   On Live Sound Effects we have Kenny Buss, Recorded music and effects by Ira Mcully,  technical support by Jim Dolan, Our Director is Bryan Haigood;  and in our cast:  Monica Chilton, Randy Clawson, David Persson, David Selvig, Bill Gehring, Wendy Gehring, Tom Hanrahan, Roger Kim, Brian Ollivier, Jeanine Ollivier, and Jenn Ollivier as both Mary Hatch and Zuzu.   And starring Huy Nguyen as George Bailey.

Merry Christmas from Bedford Falls!


Suspense, Red Skelton Show


After last week’s fiasco of the neighborhood power outtage caused by Bryan stringing up way too many Christmas lights, Jenn and Bryan return this week with more of their favorite yuletide shows from radio’s yesteryear.  the power is still out so we start off this week’s program in the dark. Which is completely appropriate as we listen to a thrilling episode of Suspense!  

 To calm our nerves and give us a little Christmas cheer,  we’ll settle back and enjoy the comedy antics of Red Skelton and his cast of characters.  

Suspense  – Back for Christmas  from December 23rd, 1943 starring Mr. Peter Lorre. 

The Red Skelton Show – from Christmas Day, December 25,1949  

Happy Holidays!

REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  December 24th, 2016


Mel Blanc, Old Gold Comedy Theater


This week Jenn Ollivier and Bryan Hendrickson will once again turn back the dial on the REPS magic radio to present their favorite yuletide shows from radio’s yesteryear.  While Bryan puts up the Christmas lights, the rest of us will hear The Mel Blanc Show, a program selected for this week’s broadcast by Bryan himself.  In this broadcast, Mel tries to raise some money to buy Betty a Christmas present.  Hopefully Bryan will put up the lights quickly so he can join us for our second program, the Old Gold Comedy Theater with an adaption of  a 1939 comedy film.

Mel Blanc Show  – Christmas Present for Betty  from December 10th, 1946

Old Gold Comedy Theater – Bachelor Mother from December 24,1944 starring Louis Hayward and Brenda Marshall in an adaption of the 1939 comedy film which featured Ginger Rogers and David Niven.   The story centers around a  salesgirl at a department store who is mistaken to be the mother of an abandoned baby and is unable to convince anyone otherwise.   

Happy Holidays!

REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  December 24th, 2016


Abbott & Costello, Suspense

The Holiday Season is upon us and this week our host Jenn Ollivier is joined by Bryan Hendrickson. Together they will turn back the dial to present their favorite yuletide shows from radio’s yesteryear.  A song from Bing Crosby starts off the program, followed by laughs from Red Skelton, A Christmas Party with Abbott and Costello and finishing off with a thrilling episode from Suspense!

Abbott and Costello  – Christmas Party  from December 20th, 1945

Suspense – Out for Christmas from December 21,1958  Raymond Burr stars as an ex-con who wants revenge for the holidays.

Happy Holidays!


REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  December 17th, 2016


The Count of Monte Cristo

In week three of our new series of REPS Presents hosted by thesteemed  – Jenn Ollivier –  REPS Presents  Alexander Dumas’ classic story The Count of Monte Cristo.  It is a dramatic and powerful story of love, jealousies and revenge set in early nineteenth century France.

Robert Montgomery and Josephine Hutchinson lead this all star cast from the Lux Radio Theater first broadcast over CBS Radio on February 6th, 1939.


REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  December 10th, 2016