REPS is pleased to make the following Libraries available to its members:

REPS CD Library (.XLS file)

REPS Cassette Library (.XLS file)

REPS One Man’s Family (.XLS file)

DVD Library

AirCheck Archive

The CD library, now reaching almost 6000 individual CDs, contains old time radio programs in excellent sound. Frank Rosin has chosen each selection carefully for its inclusion in the CD library.

This is the original REPS library. Sound quality varies but you may find a gem that you are unable to find elsewhere.

With the closing of the OMF library archives, which contained all of the circulating One Man’s Family programs, REPS has compiled its own collection of the long running series as part of the rental libraries. Before opening the One Man’s Family library to REPS members, the sound was upgraded to be consistent with the quality of other REPS libraries.

A listing of the DVD library will be released soon.

Borrowing Recordings

Members may borrow exactly 10 selections for $6.00 or 20 selections for $12.00. (Fees cover shipping and archive expenses).  If you are not currently a member, see the Membership Page for information about joining REPS.

Please submit requests by mail using the library request form. This form may be obtained by sending an email to … or contact the librarians Vi and Andy Anderson. Their contact information can be found on the CONTACT US page.

On the request form you will list your membership number, the catalog item number of the selection, and the media type. Please list alternates in case a selection that you request is already out and unavailable.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE WHICH CATALOG YOU ARE ORDERING FROM.  If you list program # 3, we will not know from which catalog you are ordering unless you note the media type. By noting either CAS, CD, DVD or OMF (One Man’s Family) we will know for certain from which catalog you are requesting.

The Cassette, DVD, CD and One Man’s Family catalogs are completely independent catalogs with largely different selections. You cannot choose a selection from the CD catalog and ask for the show in cassette or vice versa.
Rather, you will need to determine if the same program or selection is also available in one of the other catalogs.

Selections from the Cassette, CD, “One Man’s Family” and DVD library can be ordered together. An example would be 8 CDs , 1 DVD and 1 Cassette.

REPS has an extensive collection of printed materials. A catalog of items will be posted soon.

REPS has an extensive collection of scripts. Many of them were donated by the original performers. The scripts catalog is not currently available. Contact President, Randy Clawson, if you are interested in borrowing scripts.

Air Check Archives
Read back issues of the REPS newsletter from the Air Check Archives. REPS has published a newsletter for over 20 years. Looking back over past issues gives the reader a glimpse into the wonderful past of the Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound as the club went about its mission preserving the legacy of old time radio.