‘Radio Memories’ Event Canceled

After receiving feedback from our members and reviewing our financial situation, the REPS board has decided to cancel the October 18, 2014 ‘Radio Memories’ event and focus our efforts on having a REPS Showcase slated for either March or April of 2015.

By canceling the ‘Radio Memories’ and moving up the date of our annual Showcase event to a month that is labeled ‘off season’ by hotels and airlines, we believe we can now have this bigger event thanks to the outpouring of generous donations by our members and clever cost saving ideas.

We are still falling short of our intended goal, but we are actively looking into other avenues for revenue. Rest assured that the money donated towards ‘Radio Memories’ will be applied to the 2015 Showcase event. If for any reason that event does not happen, then we will refund those donations that are received to the original generous donating member.

We welcome any input or help in making the Showcase Event a success.

— Shaun Clancy, Vice-President of REPS