Outreach Programs

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The voices of old time radio are being heard in community centers, retirement facilities, clubs, and other organizations throughout the Puget Sound area as a result of the community outreach program sponsored by REPS.  We have two unique programs that we offer subject to availability –  The REPS Radio Artists  and Spotlight on Radio –   each of which are described below.

Some of the places that we have recently visited include The Highline Historical Society, SHAG Seattle, SHAG Lynnwood, Kirkland Heritage Society, Northgate Plaza ,  The Waving Tree Winery, and others. 


The REPS’ performance group, the Radio Artists, present live radio dramas and comedies for the enjoyment of audiences at REPS Programs.  Productions include live sound effects and music.  When scheduling allows, the Radio Artists will often take shows on the road and perform  for interested groups (community centers, retirement communities and others).  We originally offered these performances free of  charge but due to ever increasing production and maintenance costs we have been forced to request a small donation.

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The one hour program, presented live, focuses on a series of of recorded cuts from some of the best remembered programming from the Golden Age of Radio.  From the after school serials, daytime soaps, mystery, comedy and adventure shows, to  big band, news and sports, there is certainly something for everybody. The recorded cuts are interspersed with lively banter, historical notes about the programming, radio trivia, and the opportunity for questions and comments from the audience.

The program, presented by Neal Shulman and his co-presenter Linda Schwarz, is seen and heard by up to four different groups or organizations each month.  “The reward” says Shulman, “is the smiles on the faces of the audience as they fondly recall times past when radio played a major role in family life and was the center for entertainment, sports and news. ”

Looking for a nostalgic and entertaining program for your next meeting? Spotlight on Radio remains free of charge but is subject to availability.

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