Mel Blanc, Old Gold Comedy Theater


This week Jenn Ollivier and Bryan Hendrickson will once again turn back the dial on the REPS magic radio to present their favorite yuletide shows from radio’s yesteryear.  While Bryan puts up the Christmas lights, the rest of us will hear The Mel Blanc Show, a program selected for this week’s broadcast by Bryan himself.  In this broadcast, Mel tries to raise some money to buy Betty a Christmas present.  Hopefully Bryan will put up the lights quickly so he can join us for our second program, the Old Gold Comedy Theater with an adaption of  a 1939 comedy film.

Mel Blanc Show  – Christmas Present for Betty  from December 10th, 1946

Old Gold Comedy Theater – Bachelor Mother from December 24,1944 starring Louis Hayward and Brenda Marshall in an adaption of the 1939 comedy film which featured Ginger Rogers and David Niven.   The story centers around a  salesgirl at a department store who is mistaken to be the mother of an abandoned baby and is unable to convince anyone otherwise.   

Happy Holidays!

REPS Presents as broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on  December 24th, 2016