Bing Crosby Show, Damon Runyon Theater

This program is dedicated to those reveler’s who have yet to take down their Christmas lights as we present the last Christmas themed REPS Presents program of the season.  So listen in , listen twice if need be, while you get on the ladder and remove the last vestige of this past Christmas Holiday.

Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show from Dec 20th, 1950

But boy oh boy do we have a fabulous show for you today.  It’s one of the best of Bing’s Christmas themed broadcasts.   A fun Christmas show ensues as Santa Bing comes down the chimney and his four sons are waiting. Enjoy lots of fun in the next thirty minutes listening with Bing’s guests,  his wife Dixie Lee Crosby,  and his four sons Gary, Dennis, Philip and Lindsay Crosby. Bing opens the show singing Oh come All Ye Faithful in Latin.

Damon Runyon Theater from  March 13th, 1949

Dancing Dan’s Christmas is the name of this episode of the Damon Runyon Theater.  Interestingly enough it was first broadcast in March of 1949 although it has a Christmas theme.  We’re presenting it here to close out this year’s holiday ( we held on as long as we could ).  In this episode we learn that Broadway’s friend , Dancing Dan,  has been dancing with the wrong girl who is already spoken for by a powerful gangster.  Shotgun Sam goes gunning for Dancing Dan on Christmas Eve and Broadway tries to help. Will this one end out well?  You’ll have to tune in to find out.

And for one last time this season . . . Happy Holidays!

This REPS Presents was first Broadcast on the Radio Theater Channel on January, 14th, 2017.