Behind the Scenes – The Halloween Trilogy

The Halloween Trilogy featuring the talents of Tommy Cook, Justin Tinsley, Larry Albert and others was all around entertaining and excellent spooky Halloween Fun.  The three stories in the trilogy were each different in their own right but while different in style and content, each had you on the edge of your seat waiting for the gripping climax.  The performances were outstanding and the theater was kept in darkness to heighten the  feeling of night terror and it worked splendidly.   All part of REPS’ vision to produce quality entertainment in the style of vintage radio theater for a modern audience.   The addition of Tommy Cook to the cast ( who was a veteran actor in popular radio shows from the Golden Age ) increased the enjoyment even further.  Tommy proved that he is still an incredible actor and makes you yearn for more audio theater. With talent like Tommy still available, it makes you wonder as to why some ambitious, and well known producer has not continued to create and produce high quality and highly promoted audio entertainment until this day.  It was David Persson who found the script and would Produce and Direct the program.  When David presented the idea to the REPS  team everyone knew immediately that The Halloween Trilogy was the show they were looking for.     David compiled the music cues and gathered the sound effects team which was led by Curtis Takahashi ( who is a consummate sound effects artist ). And then he went about assembling the cast – each of whom had years of theater and or voice over experience.  The performance  was offered free to the public so the production was operating on a shoestring budget.  Therefore, rehearsal time was very limited.  There was a two hour read-through on the Friday night beforehand followed by another two hours for a full blown technical rehearsal on the morning of the show.   And that was it.  Every team member had to come prepared so that the show came off without a glitch.  A great program indeed.  Now looking forward, we are very excited in anticipation of the Holiday production of I’ts A Wonderful Life to be performed at the REPS Holiday Party on December 3rd.  We hope to see you there.  It is proving to be another fine program.


Listen to the Halloween Trilogy containing three unique and riveting audio thrillers